By Joshua D. Duran

Thundering hooves break the stillness of the night 
On a pale horse comes Death in flight. 
First you see the off-white roan, 
Then the mounted figure with a face of bone. 
 Mortis and Thatnos come in the midnight hour, 
Where the angel of death holds ultimate power. 
From your room, to Death’s abode 
The Reaper will keep you from the cold. 
So do you think the Darkangel evil? like all the rest? 
No! he is just the guide from life to death.


Darkness (daily prompt)


darkness2       darkness 1


What do you feel when the darkness come

Your heart beating like a drum.

A lovely blanket covering the land

or spidery fingers upon Thatnos’ hand

Chilling tinglings of fear down your spine

 or dark embrace soothing every time.

Does the monster under the bed set you a fright

or the beast inside you make the monster seem light

The darkness within is tempered with your light

only you may choose what is right.




What is it to be forbidden?

Is it thoughts that come to you unbidden?

Were you told that was something akin to criminal?

Something that was almost subliminal?

Was it terrible and dark?

Or rather raw and stark?

Does it set your heart and soul afire?

Are you afraid it will condemn you to hell fire?

Is it banned for what inside is written?

Is it Forbidden fruit that is yet to be bitten?

Who Forbids it and why?

You must decide, let alone or touch the sky?

For if no one did what they were told not

then so much of this world would not have been begot.