Massage. Why does everyone need it? 

As a massage therapist I see so many ways that people need massage for.  Most people (although it is changing) seem to either think it is a crazy rich person luxury, or that it is for athletes only. It is not. It is for everyone. 

  It helps in so many ways that I cannot explain in a single blog post but I’ll try to go through a few (hopefully you stick through it).

  •  Massage helps reduce stress of everyday life and everyone has that stress. 
  • Massage is great for working out sore muscles, stiff necks,  and post workout tightness.
  • Massage also helps with some injuries. Strains and sprains after the initial swelling and severe pain has gone down. 
  • Massage increases flexability.
  • Massage increases blood circulation. 
  • Massage impacts the lymph system
  • Massage can help you sleep better. 

That is only some of the ways massage can help. It is also good to use as preventive maintenence on your body.  Regular massage can make your muscles less likely to be injured than without getting massage.  

There are countless reasons to get massage but there are reasons to not get massage as well.  Massage is great but not a cure all. Serious conditions should be monitored by a doctor and notes should be obtained before getting seen by a massage therapist.  

Now there are people out there who don’t like to be touched or have had trauma in their life that might be holding you back.  Massage therapists are generally very understanding and will typically work with a person to help them work through whatever the person needs.


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