What makes your passion burn? How do you feed that fire that is your soul? Spending time with a loved one? Have you found the vocation that you were created for? Play a sport or have a hobby that you can lose yourself in the moment? Is it your relationship with the higher powers that be? Find whatever it is for you. If is one of these or if it is still eluding you at this time, don’t stop searching for it.

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If this is a subject which you have not given much thought, no thought at all, or so much thought you could combust. Then, take a step forward in the first two cases, and maybe take a step or two back and one sideways for the last. Change the lighting you are shining upon what you seek and try to remove the Ought to or should from your thoughtform. To divine what makes you, well you, and ignite the fires within may not be what you or anyone can predict. It can be an easy road  but it usually it is not.  You might find it upon a golden platter with your name carved into it, or you might find it in the deepest darkest parts of your being (Mordor might be a sunny vacation spot compared to it). Do not give up I say because once found it will transform you and things will start to click into place. It won’t happen in an instant, or maybe even a decade. Once you are on the path that you have been seeking, You shall find peace of a sort.

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The quote below I found very interesting. We spend most of our time looking ahead and to what is in front of us and very little time looking back at what our life is steering us away from. Sometimes looking at doors that have closed is just (if not more) profound as what is open ahead. Why did that door close? Was it a bad fit? Was it the wrong time? Wrong person? Did that Faith or church not seem like it was for you?  Is it your life and your true self that is trying to steer you to the right path?  One of the hardest truths is that no one… truly no one can figure that out for you, except for you. It is not to say that there is no one who can assist, give sage advice, even give their biased or unbiased opinions. It is yourself though who needs to discern what you are meant to be in truth.